Rat Pest Control In Panvel

Rat Pest Control In Panvel They are large in size, their tail is longer than their head+body length, sexual maturity attended in 8 to 12 weeks. Body weighs up to 150-200gms. Rat cause severe diseases like rat bite fever, Laptospirosis, Plague, Trichinosis, Salmonellosis and also food poisoning.

Treatment for Rat Control In Panvel

The anticoagulant rodenticides are used. The poison will be mixed in food material & baiting is done. Baiting will be done only for outside compound premises.Trapping is done by using Scissor Traps, Wonder Traps, Cages & Glue boards.Sound environmental sanitation is the most effective strategy. Rats required three things food, water & shelter. If these are denied rats will naturally decrease in density.

Trapping For Rat:

Baiting is done for outside premises. Glue Boards, Wonder Traps, Cages & Scissor Traps are placed to inside premises by inspection the run way of rats.The Trapping is done by inspecting the runway of rodents & will be done for inside premises; if necessary it will be done for outside premises also.

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